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New time and place for
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205 East Nugget Ave
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For Information Call
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Welcome to our local club website where we will do our best to keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know!

What Do Lions Do?
Lions raise funds and give their time freely to assist the less fortunate. Some Lions Club activities you may already be aware of  going on in your community:
  • Since 1925 when Helen Keller challenged the Lions to take up the cause of the visually impaired by becoming "Knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness," service to the blind has been one of Lionism's most significant activities. Recently this crusade has resulted in Lions Clubs throughout the world sponsoring Journeys for Sight in their communities. Participants work, jog, run and bicycle to raise funds for countless sights-related projects.

  • The Lions-Quest Skills for Adolescence program is teaching junior high school students to handle peer pressure and face the challenges of adolescence in a positive, healthy way.

  • Each summer young diabetes victims have the opportunity to spend time together at Lions-sponsored camps. The campers learn to independently manage their disease in a nurturing recreational atmosphere with peers and professionals who understand their problems. Lions also sponsor camp sessions for the blind, deaf and other physically disabled youngsters.

  • For more than 25-years, Lions International Youth Exchange has involved hundreds of thousands of Lions, host families and young people in cultural visits bringing together young and old alike from distant lands, established enduring friendships and promoted international tolerance and understanding.

Organization of Lions Clubs

Lions Clubs in the United States are divided into Districts with a governor as the head of each district. Sparks Greenbrae Lions Club, chartered March 24, 1962, is a member of a Zone with a Zone chairman which is part of a Region with a Regional chairman, and a member of District 46. Within this District are all of the clubs of Nevada and some in adjoining communities in California.


Sparks Greenbrae Lions was chartered in 1962 and meets every week in Sparks. Call 742-7334 or 323-0110 for more information to attend and join the world’s oldest service organization!



The Reno Bighorns proudly hosted the 2016 Membership Drive for regional Lions Club chapters on Saturday, February 27, 2016.  
Goals of the Memebrship Drive:
  • Provide a unique platform to help drive membership for local Lions Club chapters by providing prospective members a family-friendly night of entertaining basketball and promoting to Bighorns fans.
  • Create awareness of local Lions Club chapters, volunteer projects in the local community and membership opportunities among Bighorns fans, ultimately making our fans your fans!
  • Provide an exciting and friendly social event for current members and their families to get together, build relationships and create memories



Sparks Greenbrae Lions Charter member George Twaddle, is the first recipient of the Hugh Lantz Mentor Award for 2014-15


May 26, 2015
PCS Alan Snellbaker received the International Certificate of Appreciation from ID Jack Epperson at Sparks Greenbrae Lions this morning (May 26th).
After the MJF presentation last week, Lion Alan’s feet have not touched the ground. Well deserved honors for a Lion who does not look for recognition or plaudits for all that he does.

May 19, 2015
What a bright and sunny morning at Sparks Greenbrae Lions today!
With every seat taken in the meeting room (26) by 7:20 a.m. at Denny’s in Sparks, PCS and current Club Secretary Alan Snellbaker was presented with the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for 2015.  DG Cliff Cooper and PDG Ray Pezonella presented the distinguished award to Lion “Secretary for Life” Alan!  For the first time ever, I think he was at a loss for words!! His wife, Lion Cathy of Rachel Lions kept it a surprise for a couple of weeks and was very proudly pleased.  Alan and Cathy will soon be embarking on a new stage of their lives and we will all miss him and his very detailed, meeting minutes, and Cathy's gracious presence.
New Inductees!
Right after the presentation, PDG Ray inducted two new members which quickly brought the average age of Greenbrae Lions to well below 65!!  Baby Lions Kim Garback and Jason Chubb were warmly welcomed by the big crowd.  Baby Lion Kim will also be the incoming Secretary, with Lion Alan providing the finest training possible.
And a third baby Lion turned his application right after the induction!  Soon-to-be Lion Ted Williams will become a Green Beret in the next few weeks!!  Sparks Greenbrae Lions rallying cry in April was “four more by July four” and they are almost there!!
Lion Suraj Zutshi
Sparks Greenbrae Lions
District 46 PR Chair

Signage in Reno, NV on 5th Street, between Keystone and Vine





Lion Alan and Cathy are headed to Hawaii and retirement with a long, trailer trip planned for the next 18 months or more. Happy Trails and all the very best for a safe and healthy trip.

Sparks Greenbrae Lions sparkle at the Cabinet Meeting!

During the Fall Cabinet Meeting in Sparks, NV., DG Lia Versaevel presented the 45 year chevron to Lion Bob Capurro and the 30 year chevron to Lion Suraj Zutshi.

Lion Alan Snellbnaker is the District 46 Cabinet Secretary for 2012-13.

Medals of Merit, awarded for extensive community service, were presented to Bob Capurro, George Twaddle and Suraj Zutshi


Lion of the Year 2014-2015

Congratulations to Lion Bob Dickinson!


Suraj Zutshi receiving the International President's Award for PDG Jack Epperson at Lovelock Cabinet Meeting on August 20, 2011. This the second highest award that a Lions member can receive.

"Awards are nice but not possible without the support of fellow Sparks Greenbrae members who provide so many opportunities to help the community and fellow citizens."


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